The mission of the Bridgeport Free Clinic (BFC) is to provide medical care for the uninsured community of Bridgeport, where 35% of the population is Asian and, of the 22% uninsured in the community area, the largest proportion (28%) is of Asian descent.

Free Medical Care Provided (提供免费医疗服务)

Free healthcare provided! Make an appointment by clicking here! 提供免费医疗保健 在这里预约!通过点击这里预约

我們的位置: we are located on 3001 S Lowe Ave, Chicago, IL 60616. (Map and directions here)

To learn more about our mission and services, click here.  (这是关于我们的更多信息。)

Bridgeport Free Clinic now offers free screening services for Diabetes and Hepatitis B, as well as handouts on accessing Healthcare resources.

Unfortunately, we do not offer screening services for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). See here for available screening resources.

Please see here for more information! (现在,Bridgeport免费诊所为糖尿病,乙型肝炎和提供免费筛查服务,以及访问医疗资源的讲义。)

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